Category Management

London Construction Programme offers pan-London Framework Agreements, Contracts and Construction Category Management Support covering:

  • Consultants – awarded on a pan-London basis for services including Multi Disciplinary Consultancy, Education Architects, Quantity Surveyors, BREEAM Assessors, Project Managers and many other disciplines. Read more about LCP’s initial Framework Agreements in our Briefing 3 Construction Related Consultants Services (CRCS 2012) Framework Agreement
  • Contractors – awarded on a pan-London basis or in sub-regional Lots and further divided by project value.
  • Suppliers of related products and materials.


Building efficiencies into procurement

LCP’s Framework Agreements, Contracts and Construction Category Management Support services bring efficiencies in the form of cost control, quality of outcomes, process standardisation and class-leading performance management. They offer clear benefits for both clients and providers in terms of:

  • Benchmarking performance: Based on Constructing Excellence, LCP’s KPI framework and specialist KPI Engine ensure optimum performance monitoring and management of each project. Aggregation of performance data from projects across London allows LCP to offer benchmarking of both client and provider performance in order to drive continuous improvement.



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Supporting facilities and resources

LCP offers the following facilities and resources:

  • Best practice-based Framework Agreements, Contracts and Supply Chains
  • Expert guidance, facilitation and support
  • Standardised procedures and contracts
  • Client & Provider User Packs, offering guidance on framework use, contracting and performance measurement in the public sector
  • KPI Engine to monitor performance of supply chain and clients
  • Training on KPIs and performance management
  • Briefings on framework availability and management
  • Development Groups for continuous improvement

Each of LCP’s Framework Agreements and Contracts has its own supporting documentation and Category Management Support functions which complement the user’s in-house project and contract management resource. LCP arrangements enable commissioning clients to manage projects within cost targets, on time, at high quality and with greater confidence in project outcomes.

Why use London Frameworks?

LCP’s Framework Agreements offer a valuable resource to London-based commissioners of construction and facilities management projects. The efficiencies available from LCP Framework Agreements means projects should be delivered for lower cost, with greater ease and with greater transparency than before.

For Commissioning Clients

Immediate access to a quality-assured
supply market where contracts are established simply, easily and flexibly and provider performance is benchmarked.

For Providers

Simplified, standardised contracting and performance management where contract risk is balanced between client and provider.