Major Works Framework


LCP W1 – MW14

Introduction and Brief Guide: The LCP W1 – MW14 Major Works Contractors Framework is a framework set up for use by London Commissioning Organisations (see Guidance Section below). The LCP W1-MW14 is programmed to commence in May 2015. It is a London wide framework for general construction works from the value of £100,000 upwards.

Major Works Framework Brochure

Major Works Framework Brochure

The Lots The Lots are as outlined in the document ‘Contractor List’ (see Guidance Section below)

List of Contractors The contractors on this framework are also outlined in the document ‘Contractor List’ (see Guidance Section below)

Type of Works Covered
Housing new build and refurbishment. Education, and other areas including leisure, care, health, industrial, commercial and administrative (inclusive of fit out) new build and refurbishment. For further details click the link to the EU advert in the OJEU notice (see Guidance Section below).

How to access the Framework
To access the framework, primarily you need to contact the London Borough of Haringey Construction Procurement Group (CPG) who have led on this procurement for the LCP (refer to Contact Details below). The framework is free at the point of use, a levy is charged to the contractors. You need to sign an Access Agreement to use this framework. This will give you access to the documentation which will be on a portal. The portal will include a user guide.


Guidance Section


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