New Report Suggests Off-site Building Could Be The Solution To The Housing Crisis

A new report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers calls on the government to provide incentives to encourage off-site construction of new homes.

The “UK House Building: Manufacturing Affordable Quality Homes” report suggests that “Off-site construction technologies have advanced greatly in recent years and can offer shorter build times, better quality, better energy efficiency, less waste, and lower costs for buyers.

To summarise the report recommendations, it concludes:

1. Government should support investment in the UK supply chain for off-site construction technologies.
2. Government must reverse policies that are working against improvements in quality and standards.
3. Government should work much harder to diversify the UK housing supply market, by opening up much greater opportunities for self-builders, local authorities and housing associations.

View the “UK House Building: Manufacturing Affordable Quality Homes”

One of the LCP’s partners, LHC, has already recognised the opportunity provided by this construction solution and can offer local authorities and housing association a pre-tendered procurement solution through its Off-site Construction of New Homes framework.

View LHC framework agreement guide for offsite construction of new homes (PDF)